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the hopes of getting a few shillings for the benefit of his family, He also
said he did not think he was doing wrong in making them, that he
had made some and should make some more, that he thought it was a
profitable trade. He did not say where they were going to, when he said
he had been at the lodge, I don't recollect his saying they were going
to Newport
___________ Henry Crowe

The Prisoner being duly cautioned voluntarily states - I have
to state that I have been in the habit of repairing Guns and Pistols
for different purposes, such as Sporting, Target Shooting and the like ever
since I have commenced business, and also have made and sold
Bullets of all sizes, but I can assure you Gentlemen that in my
present case I would not have made them, had it not been I was
threatened with the greatest severity, by individuals who I could not
ascertain who they were, and it was quite in a state of timidity that
I did do them, nothing but fear made me do them.
___________ E Edwards


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