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and a great many ^had no arms at all - they carried lights - they had plenty
of Candle with them - The first time I got sight of the Prisoner was at
- I did not see him no more till we come down to Pye Corner
it was after Breakfast time somewhere near between 8 and 9 - I cant
say that he had any thing in his hand - I saw him afterwards in Sir
Charles Morgan
's Park
I saw him there right opposite the Bridge that goes
to the Old works
- I did not notice any thing in his hands then there
were several nigh him there, but they were Strangers to me - I know
John Frost he was in the front the Prisoner was about ten men distant
from Frost the most, halted in the Park - they were coming in the direction
of Newport. Some said they were going to pull the Workhouse down
Some said they were going to take Newport, and I could tell what they
were going to do - it was then broad daylight it was after Breakfast
time - I am perfectly sure the Prisoner at the Bar was one of the
persons I saw in the Park - I did not see him afterwards - I left the
Mob standing in the Park, and I went into Mr Williams's the
___________(Signed) Israel Furmen

The Prisoner Benjamin Richards being duly cautioned voluntarily
States. I went from the house Sunday night about 7 o' Clock it was, I did
meet with some People Sir upon the road and they did press me to come
along with them Sir - and I told them I had nothing to come along with
them in my hands and they did tell me to go and have something out
of the house I did take the handle of the Sweeping Brush and off we
started up to Sirhowy Sir and I met Mr John Cullimore just by the Church
Sir and indeed Sir I cant say what words he told me, and on we went to
Sirhowy Bridge and there we met a lot of them coming down from Duke's Town
I tried to make escape there to run away but I could not and we went
over towards Pen y Cae and down the Tram Road thro' Crumlin and thro'
Cwm Abergwiddow and to some Public house on the left where there are steps
going up to it - we went in there to have a pint of Beer and then I turned
out and I made escape there I was standing at the back of the house until
it was daylight then I went on towards Risca on the Main Road I did turn into
the New House on the right hand Duffields they do call it and I called for a pint
of Beer but there was no beer in the house and I had a half Nogging of rum

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