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meet at the Race Course - About eight o' Clock that evening I
came down to Jones's Beer house called the Bristol house, I saw a
number of men come in Armed with Pikes Guns and other
rude Weapons, they were in Several rooms Some up stairs and
Some below, I saw William Shellard come into the house, he went
into the room where the Persons were Armed, he drank and
Smoked in the room with the other parties. I stopped there
about an hour and left Shellard at the house, during the
time I was in the House Men came in continually Armed I went
home for about half an hour and then returned toJones's house
when I got to the door people were coming out - I saw Shellard
there then, the greater part of the Men were Armed. I heard
Shellard say "go on towards the Race course that Jones was
gone or with some others - I heard him tell some person that
there was a house in Trosnant where there were Arms, two Blunder
busses and two Swords - at Parry's the Farmers in Trosnant, I
knew that Shellard was a member of the Chartist Club, held I believe
at Jones's the Bristol House I have seen his name enrolled on the
Book as a Class Leader - I mean by a Class Leader, a Commander
of 12 men, the Men listen to any Order he gives them, on the
Tuesday before the 3d November I attended a Chartist Meeting at
Llewellin's at Pontnewyndd between 9 and 10 o'Clock at night, I
saw Shellard come into the House with upwards of a dozen men
with him I saw them marching up the Road about 5 or 6 abreast
- There was a Butcher a Chairman when Shellard came in he
addressed himself to him and the rest of the Party and repeated
part of a Speech he had been making before they came in, it
was to the effect that he the Chairman was sent round the
to see how the organisation was proceeding in the Association
who said there were a great number armed, that the Deputation
from Merthyr said that there were a great number ready prepared
and organised the Chairman asked the Parties then present if
they were prepared for the worst, he ordered all that were
prepared to hold up their right hand, I believe most of the persons
present held up their right hand - during the whole of the time
Shellard was present and must have heard all that passed

[Annotations in left margin:]
Class leader
Men prepared for worst

[with emphasis marks
agst lines 1-11,10-24,31-36]




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