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I went on my own account with a Party on towards the New Inn.
At the Gate of the Race course I saw about 30 or 40 Men
Armed with Pikes and other Weapons. A young Man by the
name of Powell was their Commander, he was Armed - I
became alarmed at their proceedings and went a little further
and saw Jones the Watchmaker I attempted to make my escape
I went back a little way and taken by 3 or 4 men armed, they
took me on to the New Inn, I saw the House almost full of
Armed Men this was about 11 o'Clock at night I saw Jones come in
after - I was there, the New Inn is kept by a Person of the name
of Prosser I heard Jones order the Men to turn out and proceed
in a body to Newport, the Pike Men to go first, this was between 11
and 12 o'clock, he said to march to Newport in three parties - the
Pike men first, the Guns next and the rest to follow after with what
they could get to Arm themselves with - I ran away from the
New Inn
, I met with two men with Pistols they told me to go
with the next and that they would shoot me if I attempted,
to run back, after I was taken back to the New Inn I made
my escape I have attended the Chartist Meetings before, I enrolled
myself as a Member and I have frequently seen William Shellard
the Prisoner there, the Meetings were held on Tuesday nights, I have
seen Shellard at Jones's house many times besides the Chartist
Meetings I believe the House Jones lives in is Shellard's House
Mr. Shellard never invited me to drink there, It was between 9
and 10 that Mr. Shellard commanded some persons to go towards
the Race Course - Shellard did not say he would follow he said the
Men were to go to the Race course and Jones would meet them
there with another body - I never saw Shellard armed with any
thing I am 21 Years of Age I did not see Mr Shellard after he
gave the Men Orders to march towards the Race Course I never
heard Mr Shellard speak at all at any one of the Meetings
I was close to Mr Shellard when I heard him Order the Men
on - I had no Arms that night.
_______________________James Emery

William Rousell - I am a Collier residing at Abersychan, I work

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