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at the British Iron Works, on Sunday night the 3d. November
about 9 o'Clock, I went to Jones the Watchmaker's house, it was
crowded so full I had not room to sit, down stairs, I was obliged

to go up Stairs, I saw William Shellard the Prisoner there with a
number of persons, I saw one Pistol there with a Man - I went
to sit on a Chair behind Prisoner's Back, he asked me, where my
Stick was, and I said I have none but this in my mouth,
which was a short pipe, we set there about half an hour when
Mr. Shellard went down Stairs and fetched a Jug of Beer he came
up and poured it out to the Company in the room after he
had done this he said now my Lads it is time for us to go down
Mr. Shellard went down Stairs and we all followed him, when we
got into the Street Prisoner called me on one side and said I will
tell you of a certain house in top of Trosnant where there are
both Swords Guns and Pistols, he said where the Swords and
Pistols were, was a Man of our Class and he is a real Chartist
he told me to go on and heave up the latch of the door, I
told him I did not know where the house was, he said go on
I will send a Man after you that will tell you where the
house is - I went a small way beyond the house and the Man
said here's the door here, I said I am not going to heave up
the latch of any Man's house, damn thee do it thee self if the
wish, I am not going to Transport myself. I then went on with
William Dainty as far as Cross Ceilog, when we got there about
eleven o'clock at night, I think I had no Watch with me, when
I got there Jones the Watchmaker was in the passage and the
Men were all outside but one I saw some of them armed.
there was a Man making a noise in the Passage and Jones said
to him - now damn Your eyes if you don't be quiet I will blow
Your brains out, Jones had either a Sword or a bayonet in his
hand, he said to me come, I told him I was going to dry
myself by the fire and have something to drink, he said You
will come won't You - I said I will by and bye - he said there
I will give you a Jug of Beer - I remained at Cross y Ceilog until
20 minutes past 5 o'clock by their Clock, in the Morning - I
went on towards Newport with William Dainty when I was about a

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