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mile and a half from the Cock I met Jones and another
man coming along the Road towards Cross y Ceilog, there were
two men talking to Jones and I heard him say to the Men
that they could not go through the Turnpike Gate unless You say
"Well is Well and all is Well" he was to say it to the Man
who kept the Turnpike Gate - They went on and Jones or the
other Man called them back, they gave them one a Sword,
and the other a Bayonet, the two Men went on towards
Newport and Jones returned back to Cross-y-Ceilog - Question by
Prisoner - What did You do with the Pike You brought into Mr.
's? I had nothing but a Short Pipe in my mouth
I do not know what house Prisoner directed me to get Arms in,
it was on the top of Trosnant - It was on the left hand side
going along the first turning going down the Hill, I don't
know which house it was, it was in the dark, there was
no conversation about Arms in the Room up Stairs except the
he asked where my Stick was
_______________The Mark of William x Rousell

Charles James Phillips - I am a Confectioner residing in Pontypool
I have known the Prisoner Shellard 4 or 5 Years, he is a
Shoemaker at Pontypool carrying on the Business himself - On
the Morning of the 4th November about 9 o'clock - I had a
Conversation with the Prisoner, I went to his Shop to make a
purchase, there were a great many Men going down the
Road, he asked me what I thought of the Chartists now
I said I thought there were a great many of them going
down that would never return - he said - Oh no the Soldiers
are all disarmed this hour ago and Newport is in possession
of the Chartists - I then spoke of other things not wishing
to enter into that - I made my purchase and left.
___________________ C. J. Phillips

Joseph Kerby - I am a Watchmaker residing in Pontypool - I
was coming down George Street between 10 and 11 o'clock on the

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