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against the person ballotted for - I remember attending a public meeting of
the Chartists at the prisoner's house - that meeting was adjourned to the
Kings Head
. We first met at the meeting in the morning - it was
adjourned - it was held out - it was held adjoining the Prisoner's
house - it was not on his premises - There were Hustings erected there
They were erected adjoining his house. Part of the wood work of
those hustings rested against the prisoner's house - The meeting was
held on last New Years Day I can't judge how many persons
were there - there were 7 or 800 or more - The prisoner Jno Llewellin
was there. We first met that morning at the prisoner's house before
we went to the Hustings - I shod. not know John Frost if I was
to see him - I have seen Henry Vincent there - I was told it was
him - I don't know a person of the name of Carrier - he was
there - he is from Trowbridge Wiltshire - I know a person called
Jones the Watchmaker - he lives at Pontypool - he was there
Edwards was appointed to the Chair - I did not know him - I
only heard that was his name - I don't know Edwards the Baker
of Newport - I heard Mr. Frost's name mentd. - I saw Mr Frost
there - The people told me it was him that was speaking - Mr
was appointed a Delegate by the prisoner - the prisoner
proposed Frost as a Delegate for the Convention - he was appted
for Pontypool, Caerleon, & Newport. They elected Frost as a Delegate
upon Jno Llewellin's proposal - I heard Carrier speak - he said
something about the Charter - I don't remember what he said - I
did not do any thing that evening - I went down to the Kings Head
at Pontypool
- The meeting in the morning lasted 2 or 3 hours
I did not see the Prisoner at the Kings Head - I continued a
member of the Society 7 or 8 or more months - After the meeting I
gave up being a member because I did see it would come to any
effect - that it come to any good
Cross examined I heard the prisoner say that we must stick up for
the Charter in the prisoner's house - I can't tell what day of the
month it was - it was at a meeting - it was on a Monday - one of
our meetings - The money was paid there & the prisoner rec-ed it at
the close - I did not pay it into his hands - The money was first
paid to the Secy. & the prisoner rec-ed it at the close - The money

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