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was more some nights than others - I suppose there was 50
members - There was 5d. to pay when any new member did come
in - there was a penny contribution, 3d. entrance & a penny the
card - Mr. Frost was chosen Delegate for Pontypool, for Newport
& for Caerleon The money was mostly put on a plate. We did go to
the table to pay it - What I have been speaking of was the regular
paymts. - we had no other contributions - If any papers were printed
we had to pay for that - I don't know of any other contributions -
I never heard in part-lar what all the money was collected for - I
supposed it was collected for to pay for papers - I did not know I
never asked what else it was collected for - I mean that there was
additional subscriptions to pay for the papers besides the penny a
week - I have paid the addit-l. subscriptions.

David Jones sworn States I live at Pontypool - I know the
prisoner Jno Llewellin - he keeps a Beerhouse at Pontnewynidd I
recollect attendg. a meeting on the 1st. of Jan-ry last I was induced
to attend in consequence of seeing placards about the Town announcing
a meetg. to be held at Pontnewynidd to consider the Charter - it was
called a public meeting - I sho'd suppose that from 700 to 1000 persons
attended that meetg. The prisoner Jno. Llewellin was there - There were
hustings erected that leant agst the back of the prisoner's house - I
know Jno Frost, Henry Vincent, Jones the Watchmaker, a person
called Carrier & a person called Edwards the Baker of Newport - They
were at the meetg. - I can't exactly tell what time the meetg. commenced
There was a procession of the members of the Association before the
meetg - they were the Working Mens' Associatn - they paraded thro
the Town - they had a Band before them - they had Banners - I
saw Universal Suffrage & Vote by Ballot, which they usually advocate
upon the Banners - William Edwards the Baker was proposed to the
Chair by Frost I believe - I saw Jno Llewellin the prisoner was
on the hustings at the time I heard him propose Frost as a
Delegate to the National Convention for Pontypool - He was to be sent
for Pontypool in conjunctn. with Newport & Caerleon - I afterwards &
within an hour of the meet-g. made a mem-da of the proceed-gs. at
the meet-g. - I have that mem-da now in my possession - I took part of

139 [encircled]

[Annotations in left margin:]

Frost Jones. Vincent Carrier Edwards
Frost proposed as a Delegate



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