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some drunk, & some asleep, & on the whole they were a lot of drunkds.
drunkards, gamblers, money grinders, & tyrants - but the meeting must
join the people of the north & send the members about their buss.
& so have a new House of Commons - He said the House of
were fools & enemies of the Working Man, & that
some fine morning the people wo'd rise & send the members to the
right about, & would not the men of Wales assist the men of
England in compelling them to pass the Charter He said that
the people in Yorkshire, Lancashire, London, Bristol, Bath
Tonbridge & Newport were determined to have the Charter, & that
they would crush the tyrants with one blow - He said the Soldiers
wo'd not fire upon the Chartists, & if the Soldiers came against
them they wo'd put the women in front of the ranks & then the
Soldiers wo'd not fire upon the women, & that half of the Soldiers
wo'd turn over to the Chartists. The Working Classes produced all
wealth, & they ought to have their share of that wealth. The people
had been kept down long enough, for the Working men had the Shop
keepers on them, & on the Shopkeepers were the Farmers, & on the
Farmers were the Parsons, & the Lawyers on the Parsons, & the army
on the Lawyers, & the Government on the Army, & on the Government
there was a pretty little Bauble That the people of England had
all joined together & now the people of Wales wo'd make a long
leap & stretch it across the Channel & the English wo'd join the
Welsh, & then they wo'd riggle & twist about until down wo'd come
those who were above them & the pretty little bauble on the top wd.
come down too - & then they sho'd all be equal & have equal rights
& equal property" - I heard Mr Edwards say that he had a strong
arm. The prisoner was there during the whole time the speeches were
delivd. He was on the hustings & within hearing all the time. By
the word Bauble I understood the Speaker to mean the Queen, &
so did every one there that I spoke to - I attended Chartist Meetgs,
the 5th., 20th., & 24th. of April On the 5th. I paid 2d for admittance
into a room at the Kings Head kept by Jno Probyn On the 20th. & 24th.
Meetgs. were held in Crane Strt. in an open space called the Blue Boar
Vincent & Edwards & Jones the Watchmaker were at the 2 last Meetgs.
& so was the prisoner - I saw the prisoner out on the road I heard him sevl.

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