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times cheering the Speaker I recollect at the meeting of the 5th of April
at which the prisoner was present, hearing Edwards say he had 4000
able fellows like himself at Blackwood - that he could call together by a
blow of his horn to support the Cause if required - He said that every
Whig & Tory ought to have a tenpenny nail driven thro his bloody
head to a platform he said that his hearers were like the children
of Israel in Egypt, & that he Edwards was Moses, & their Masters
were the Egyptians & as the Israelites has despoiled their oppression
so wo'd they I saw a very large procession & the prisoner amgst them
going in the direction of Blackwood to attend the meetg. on the 6th. May
last I saw a large procession start from the prisoner's house in August
last - They were going towards Duke's Town - the Prisoner was amgst them.
The procession on the 6th. May were 6 or 800 or more - in Augt. they
were about 1500 - They started in 3 deep from the prisoner's house - A
man of the name of Shell (who I saw dead here) was killed at the
riot & another man who I was told was Geo Ashman formed them
into 3 deep. The Meetgs. created great alarm in the Town of Pontypool &
it's neighbd. - on the 6th. May all the shops at Pontypool were shut</hi> & all
the Special Constables called out - when the procession passed I believe
there were upwards of 1500 Special Constables sworn in in the Parishes
of Trevethin & Lanover
I am quite confident the speaker said equal property & not
equal laws - in my opinion the meetings wo'd have done mischief if
it had not been for the vigilance of the authorities

James Emery - sworn - Says - I am a Cabinet Maker & live at
Pontypool - I am a member of a Chartist Society - it was held
at Jones the Watchmaker's the Bristol Beer House at Pontypool
I remember attending a meeting on the 29th. Octr. last at John
the prisoner's house - it was the Tuesday before the riots
at Newport - There were many members there - the room was full
The prisoner was present at that meeting. There was a Chairman
appointed - I believe his name was Phillips - I heard something
said about a meeting at Dukes Town - The prisoner was there
I heard the Chairman speak to the effect that he had been

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