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Chartists - I don't of my own knowledge know that the prisoner is a
member - he has told me he is a Chartist - I have attended meetings
at his house for the purpose of ascertaing how things were going
on to inform the Magistrates - I have seen the prisoner there - I
have heard passing observatns. // persons who were present, part-larly
of Shell - whose body I have seen at Newport. The tenor of his
observations were agst the present Governm't & in favor of the Charter.
The prisoner was there at the time I heard those observations - I
saw a man come from an inner room into the room where I was
& call upon the members to come in & pay their contributions. He
also enquired if there were any applicants there to be admitted
members - I remember Chartist Meetgs. being held in the month of
April last - The 5th, 20th & 24th - The meetg. of the 5th was held at
the Kings Head at Pontypool. The prisoner was there. The meetings of
the 20th & the 24th were held at the house of a Druggist of the
name of Richd Probin, who is a Druggist & Beerhouse Keeper - His
house could not hold many people - some of the hearers were in the
Street - & some in the Blue Boar Field, which is near Probin's house.
The Speaker addressed the populace from the window of the 1st. Story
of Probin's house - I saw the prisoner present on one of the occasions
but I cannot tell which - I remember a procession at Pontypool on
last Whit Monday. I did not see it until it entered the Town - The
prisoner was in that procession - they had banners - it was a Chartist
Procession - I knew it because many of the persons I saw in that
procession told me so. They were going to Blackwood to a meeting
where Frost was to address them. There had been complaints made
by the Inhabts. of Pontypool generally of these meetgs.. There had been
a complaint made agst Jno Llewellin relative to those meetings - it was
thought his house ought to be put down. The Magistrates took steps
in consequence - they swore in 1500 special Constables - that from my
own knowledge was entirely in consequence of these meetgs. I know of my
own knowledge that a man of the name of Morgan Emanuel proceeded
agst the prisoner for the expence of erecting a hustings on the 1st. Janry
last - The Magistrates considered that Emanuel was entitled to the
amount he claimed - I saw a large placard offering a reward for the
apprehension of the prisoner - I believe it was on the 7th. of this

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