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month I went & searched his house - I did not see the prisoner - his
Wife said he had left home since the Saturday previous & she
did not know where he was gone - I found in his house the
articles now produced - a Ballot Box - a Tin Box with pieces of
Tin in it - a Portrait of Jno Frost - a portrait of Joseph Rayner
& an Engraving of the National Convention - 2 Banners,
one bearing the inscription of Universal Liberty & the other, the
Eye of Providence - some numbers of the Western Vindicator & the
Champion. I continued to search for the prisoner until I heard he
was in custody. The prisoner was backwards & forwards in the room
of his house when I was there attending the meeting. I don't know
that I have ever told the prisoner of the complaints against the
prisoner's house & that it was considered necessary to put it down - I
have seen the prisoner's house full of persons that have been in the
Chartist processions - many of them I can name.

John Milward sworn, Says - I am Constable of Merthyr
, I apprehended the prisoner. I got informatn. that Jack Rees,
alias Jack the Fifer was at Herwain 6 miles from Merthyr
Williams another Constable from Merthyr & myself went in search
of him at Herwain. We found that he had left a day or 2 before
we went there. We were then informed that there was a person lurking
about Herwain for 4 or 5 days - the Informant told us there was
no doubt but that it was Llewellin who there was a reward offered
for - In consequence of such informatn. we proceeded to Swansea - my
fellow Constable went several miles out of Swansea with one of the
Inspectors, & I took another Policeman with me up to Greenhill Turnpike
to watch the Carmarthen & Newport Mail going out About 7 oClock
at night this night week, when the coach came up to the gate some
one called out to the Coachman to stop; the coach stopped & some
one asked him if there was any room for a passenger to Camarthen
We were then pulling up to the Coach. The Coachman said there
was room inside but not outside. The Coach door was open, the
prisoner was in the act of getting in - we knew him from description
of bundle he carried. I asked him his name in going down the Street

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