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discussion he thought was the best means to elicit truth. On these consideratns.
myself with many others thought that these meeting were perfectly legal
so under such consideration I thought we were perfectly right in attending
those meetgs. If any one had told me that these meetings must be stopped
or put down I certainly wo'd have been the first to stop it. But with
respect to the language described by the Witnesses here to- night as having
been used in those meetings, I abhor it but at the same time I do not
believe that one half of it was correct as stated by the Witns. to-night - I
have always advocated peaceable means lawfully & constitutionally and
have always rejected despised or abhorred any appearance of violence.
I advocated the cause of the Radical or that subject in the Charter by
means of praying & petitioning peaceably & lawfully the Legislature, & no
step furr. would I, would I go with them or any set of men in the
world. Now concerning the Delegate Jno Frost, as chosen Delegate for
Pontypool District, I was the person appointed for to name him & anor
person to second him - Mr. Frost was not chosen Delegate in Pontypool
in conjunction with Newport & Caerleon Mr. Frost was delegated from here
& from Caerleon some months before he was chosen for Pontypool. Now
I dare say the chief part of the Gentn. here know of that body of men
called the Convention. We named it a Committee to watch the presentatn
of the National Petition in the House of Commons. Now, concerning
this Committee I believe Gentleman, so far as I can understand of 49 in
number is perfectly legal, these subscriptions that have been collected
amongst the Associations has been paid so much p week to the
members of this Committee while they were there; & the Associations
in that neighbourhood contributed for Mr. Frost till the National
Petition was presented, & I believe there has been none since paid there
not to my knowledge. Now perhaps I may state a few words with
respect to my situatn. at Pontypool. I have had 1/2 a year's notice
to quit my house, & the time is none just up & I have not been
able to obtain any place to suit me since I had the notice - I
were informed about 3 weeks since that I might get a place to suit
me at Aberdare - so I went over to see if I could get a place,
& also looked at Merthyr Tydville I could not obtain a place
neither at Merthyr or Aberdare at the time I wanted it I went to
Herwain. I stayed there 3 or 4 days. I was in prospect of having

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