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Thomas Llewellin's Case

John Hughes
- States I am a Collier and live at the Fleur de lis
I was at home on Sunday the 3d. November inst I have not taken any Oath
before I came into this Court - I have not sworn to keep anything secret I
have said that I have taken an oath not to say anything about the
Chartists I have never taken an Oath to keep everything secret about
the Chartists I did hear a rumour about the Chartists, on the Night of the 3d
Novr. I did hear them call by the door. when I was in the house I did hear them
say they were going to Newport I know Lewis Lewis</person> I saw him that night
About 9 o clock on Sunday night I was in my own house. I do think I live in
the parish of Bedwelty it is in the Rumney valley I did see some men that night
Indeed I don't know exactly how many I did see, indeed I can't judge I saw 100
I saw 200 I saw 300, some men came to my house about 10 or 12 did come
close to my house. I did not see any thing in their hands, They did ask
me to come along with them. I said that I would not like to come from
home that night it was very wet and dark I did go with them. they say that
they were going down to Newport I did come down as far as that barn at
the stop of Stow as they do call it I saw a turnpike gate there, We stopped on
our way down as I think they do call it the Welsh Oak; It was then about
11 or 12 o clock that night - I did drink 2 pints of beer at the Welsh Oak
I saw many men there, indeed I don't know how many, I do believe there
was 100 there I believe there was a thousand there I went into the house
I did see Lewis Lewis Thos Thomas and John Jenkins as I did take
notice of. there was lights in the house We came down the Tram road
to the Welsh Oak - When I left home I came with the men down to the Bryn
and that way down by Gelly Grose I don't know Strickland at Mr Homfray's
I don't know 'Duarra Mawr" I was never down that road before, many
of the men carried lights or candles a great many of the men were armed they
carried sort of guns, pikes, I did not see any swords I saw some had mandrels
I did not notice any pitchforks indeed I saw one priming wire I did not see
any man with a pistol the one I saw at the Welsh Oak were armed, a
great many of them - We got to the Welsh Oak about 10 or 11 o clock or eleven
I suppose I did stay in the house about an hour I then went out in the road
I did stop there 3 or 4 hours I dare say or more I left the Welsh Oak
about 7 o clock in the morning, I don't know exactly how long I was at the
Welsh Oak
I left at 7 in the morning we went down the tram road down the
park I did not hear any word of command given at the time we left the Welsh

149 [encircled]

[Annotations in left margin:
Lewis. Thos. Thomas.
John Jenkins



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