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[Welsh]Oak - I did see Mr John Frost twice - I did see him his Benjn. Davies on
the Tram Road I did see him that Morning in the Park I did hear him
say to the Men to go down to the Tram Road and not walk on the Grass the
Men in the Park a great many of them was armed I know Thomas Llewellyn he is
a prisoner at the Bar he was there, he had a Mandril in his hand he carried
it on his shoulder; I saw him in the Park that was at the time that I saw
Mr. Frost we were all coming down together I did not see him afterwards I
did not see him at Stowe I had a small bit of a Rod in my hand a small
wooden rod, it was a little bigger than a Pen, it was about 2 foot long or 2 foot
and a half, it was a nut tree it was - When I got to the Barn at Stowe Hill
I did stand there for a bit and I did go home I did see that time a place called the Waterloo a Public house this side the Park I did not see Llewellyn
there I did not see any one I know there I did not hear any one say
what they were going to do with Newport when they came down I was far
behind we did all stop then I did only hear any thing said about the
Captains or about the Captains over 10 In the Park I was far behind
we did not all stop there I did hear Mr Frost say to the Men to come
down to the Tram Road and not to walk on the Grass Mr. Frost was there
walking on the Grass he did walk back and forwards I did turn on this
left hand and go up towards the turnpike gate at Stow Hill I dont know
where the Prisoner got the Mandril to bring down I should not know the Mandril
again _____________ The mark X of John Hughes
Lewis Lewis States I live at the Fleur de lieus I look after the
level for Rosser Thomas I was at John Hughes house about half past 6 o'Clock on
Sunday Evening the 3rd Novr inst' John Hughes was at home I did see a great many men
there that evening I went from John Hughes house into my own house I went with my two
children on the bed to get them to sleep some Men came to the house that didnt come
into it I was up Stairs and taking off my Clothes they cried out and I must go with
them I went with them he went to Stow Hill he stopt at the Welsh Oak I do not know
Israel Furman, Oh yes I know him very well, I saw him here yesterday I did
I saw him at the Welsh Oak, I met a great many men at the Welch Oak many
more than I ever saw before I believe indeed I cant tell how many there were
they were too many for me to count, there was more than a thousand all
armed with Pikes Guns and various other things I saw no Mandrils
there at that place I cant tell exactly what time I got there I
believe it was about eleven o'Clock it may have been a little later I went

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