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into the House with John Hughes. I told John Hughes I was acquainted with
the Woman of the House, and told John Hughes we would go in and try and get some
Beer. We were there a long time. It was about day light when we went away from
there. I know John Frost. I have seen him. John Frost was in the Park. I have
seen Jones Watchmaker Pontypool once - but am not quite sure of him. I know
Zephaniah Williams. I didn't see him there then. In coming up the Road that
leads towards Stow Hill I saw Zephaniah Williams. I know David Parry very well
I didnt see him there. I didn't see him there at all. I don't know Henry Harris.
I don't know John Harford. I dont know James Williams. I dont know John
. I know Thomas Llewllin the Prisoner. I know Abraham Lewis
very well. Thomas Llewellin was there. I didn't see Abraham Lewis there. I
know Wm. Smith very well. I didn't see Williams of the Argoed there. I have
seen him here in custody. I know Lewis Rowland very well. I dont know Robert
. Rowland was not there. I dont know John Morgan. I know Lewis
. I dont know John Morgan and David Edwards I know John Batten
by sight. I am not much acquainted with him. I dont know Griffith Evans
I dont know Griff a Blacksmith. I dont know John Fisher or George
. I came from the Welsh Oak opposite the Road leading to Mr
s House
and attempted to go back but they cried out after me.
I went on with them to the Barn this side of Stow Church. I did not see
Thomas Llewellin there. I saw him in the Park. He had a Mandrel on his
Shoulder. He was marching with the Men. I have seen John Frost once or
twice, he was there. I saw him go up the train to the bank and he desired
the Men to come into the Tram Road - the Men went into the Tram Road when the
Men got to Stow they were some distance before me and I could not see
what they had got. The Men in the Park were armed. I can't tell every
thing they had they had Guns, Spikes, I didn't see any Swords - they had
Mandrels the Men were coming down into the Town from Stow. I stopp'd
a little and then I went towards home - I think this was about middle day
I did'nt get any breakfast until I got home I had a little bread & cheese at Rhuderrin
I got home about 8 o'clock. I stopped in the Park. I can't tell exactly how long
half an hour or three quarters of an hour. I left the Welsh Oak when it began
to come day light. I think the Welsh Oak is from 4 to 5 miles from Stow From the
Prisoner, I cant tell where you got the Mandrell. I didn't see you before you came into the
Park. I am quite sure you are the Man that carried the Mandrell or I shouldn't have sworn
it. I did not hear them say what they were going to do at Newport.
The mark X of Lewis Lewis

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