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Moses Scard - Sworn states, I am a police Officer of Newport. I know the Prisoner Thomas
he lives up near Fleur de lis Colliery. I searched his house on Sunday the 17th.
Novr instt. between 12 & 1 oClock at night, I saw the prisoner & another man there lying
down on the floor in the Kitchen, I told them I wanted Thomas Llewellyn, and I took him
into my custody, there was a Mandrel near the other man I did not ask him who it
belonged to. I did not find anything else of any consequence, I found a paper there in Welsh
I shewed it a person who said it had nothing to do with Chartism, it was dated in 1821
the prisoner said he was at a meeting on the 2nd Novr. at the Coach & Horses kept by a
person I believe of the name of Smith He said Mr. Frost had made a speech there
respecting the taxes & Governmt. He said they was all governed by a bad Governmt &
was paying a great many more taxes than they ought to - he said they had not got near
enough wages for what they did do - he hoped he should have 20,000 men to go with him to
Newport, that he was sure of 10,000 & take the Gentleman he was working for into custody &
bring him back here to the Dungeon & make him work as they did & see how they would
like to work for the money they did & pay the same taxes. I took him into custody on Monday
the 4th of Novr. I was in Newport that was the day of the Riots I was on duty at this House
the Westgate Inn, I stood at the front door, I saw the Prisoner there he had on the same
dress that he has on now, I had seen him before when Mr Vincent was taken, I believe
he was then taken into custody, either by me or some other Constable he was apprehended
in the Town and taken into Mr Thomas Jones Phillips' Office, I dont know of my
own knowledge what he was then taken up for that is the reason I know him again
when I saw him before the Westgate on the 4th. November he had a Gun in his
hand, I was standing at the Door with Venn , who is a Baker and a Special
Constable the prisoner had a Gun in his right hand and shook his head at me
I have no doubt in the least of the prisoner being the man I saw in the front
of the Westgate with a Gun in his hand on the 4th. November. I took particular
notice of his dress when I saw the prisoner shake his head, I retreated from the
door into the house, and I heard firing immediately afterwards, but I don't know
whether it was the Prisoner who fired, I think the mob in front of the Westgate
on Monday morning the 4th. November, consisted of about 1500, I could not see the
end of them up Stow Hill, they were nearly all armed, some with pikes, some with
Guns, some with swords this was about 9 o' Clock in the morning there was fireing it
was by the mob in the front of the House, they fired towards the Westgate Inn
at the windows, they rushed into the House, I saw 4 persons lying outside the
Westgate Inn dead, & I saw 5 lying dead inside, the Mob began the firing outside

Moses Scard




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