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Isaac Venn Sworn States. I am a Special Constable of Newport. I
remember Monday the 4th. Novr. I was on duty that morning between 9 & 10 I
was standing at the front door of the Westgate Inn as Door Keeper there was Mr.
stood there and several others, the Policeman stood near behind me,
Scard was the Policeman he was the last Witness. I don't know his number
I saw a great number coming in front of the Westgate, they came down
Stow Hill & in front of the Westgate & towards the Yard Gate, I suppose there
were upwards of 300 in the front of the Westgate, they marched 5 abreast
there was a man armed to each file of men as nearly as I can tell, the
files of Men had pikes, and different other instruments on Sticks some of them
had Swords, they march right down, when they came to the Gate they halted
the word of command was given but what it was I could not hear, they
faced the Westgate and a body of them marched up to the door four or five deep
One person came up to the door, I charged him & said he should not come in
here, he said you have our prisoners here, and we will have them out with
that they rushed in & fired whilst I was standing at the door I saw a
person passing the door with a Gun in his hand he shook his head as he was
marching by. Scard was then standing close by me, and I believe a little
behind. I believe it was from the 5th. to the 7th. file that Man was walking
with - that Man had dark clothes on I can't say I should know him again
- The Prisoner at the bar is the same person I saw in the Room the other
night. He is dressed like the Man who carried the Gun, and he resembles
him much but I can't swear to him. The Man I saw carry the Gun was
much such a Man as the Prisoner is - looking at the Prisoner & at his dress he is
apparently the same Man He shook his head as he passed nearly every Man at
the head the file, had a Gun, those with the Guns were in front of the Westgate.
___________________Isaac Ven

The Prisoner Thomas Llewellin being called upon his defence and
being duly cautioned states as follows. I am innocent from this thing I was not
at Newport that day - I left the Mob at the Waterloo I went down to Pill to my
Brother, I went to Anthony Oldfields I had 2 or 3 pints of beer I can't tell which Sir,
when I was at the door of Anthony Oldfields. I saw the Man turning back. After I
drinked 2 or 3 pints of Beer I sent for my Brother & my Brother came there
and he told me that he should rather for me to go home that
might owing to that row, so I went, that is all I have to say at present.
_______________Thomas Llewellin.

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