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Richard Waters of the Parish of St Woolos and Borough of Newport Attorney
of Law, States - That I was Special Constable at the Westgate Inn on
Newport on the morning of Monday 4th. November at 9 oClock. I was
with Thomas Latch of the Borough of Newport Son of Mr Thomas
of Newport Merchant - I saw the Mob come round from Stow
- they were armed - I saw John Frost ^ immediately in front of the Westgate -
He was dressed as I never saw him before in a Blue Rough Coat
and Red Comforter and Handkerchief round his neck - this was at
the moment before the firing began - The firing began on the instant -
I have no doubt in my own mind of its being John Frost, I never
saw him in such a dress before - but I have not the slightest doubt
of its being _"_ "_ Frost - Latch and myself both exclaimed the moment
we saw him - there is John Frost - Latch is now ill.
_______________________(signed) R Waters

William Jenkins of the Parish of St Woollos and Borough of Newport
Grocer and Clerk of St Woollos' Church - States - I was a Special Constable
at the Westgate Inn on morning of the 4th. Novr I had been there
all night - I know John Lovell a Gardener of Newport - About 9 oClock
I saw him there with Frost just before the firing commenced - He
was marching - he had a Gun in his hand carrying it as if it
was ready cocked - I saw him rise it towards the windows of
the Westgate - that was just before the firing began - I did not
see him again till he was apprehended
_______________________(signed) Wm. Jenkins

David Herring - late of Pillgwenlly in the Borough of Newport Labourer, who
Saith - I know a man named John Gibby, he is a Blacksmith living
at Pillgwenlly - he worked at Mr Evans' Foundry - I worked there also, I know
a man named William Stephens. the prisoner Stephens is the person, I
remember the Riots at Newport - It was on a Monday morning, but
don't know the Month or how many weeks ago - I saw John Gibby before
the Riot - It was on Wednesday to the best of my opinion, he asked me
to go to another Blacksmith's Shop to do a job for him, I did not go that
night - I went with him the Friday night before the Riot - He asked me to
go down to his house to him at half past seven o' Clock - I went - he was
not then at home - he came home whilst I was there when he told me
to come along with him - I went with him to the Shop of the prisoner Stephens -

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Frost & Lovell



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