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Stephens was there and another person named Edward Brickley, I did
twist (turn) the Grindstone while John Gibby was grinding a Tool - it was longer
than a foot - It was made of Iron and Steel and to fit on a Stick - the other
men Stephens and Brickley were making these articles - The Shop door was
closed by the latch - It was betwixt 8 and 9 at night - I heard all the three
men say these things were made for the Row to be on the Monday, and it
was to be commenced some part of Sunday night but didn't know what
time - they said they grinded them to have more edge on 'em - there were
about a dozen of them made there - The three men all asked me to
go with them or I should be sure to lose my life - On the Sunday
night I had to go to John Gibby's - I went because I was in dread of
my life between them all and I went from thence to Morgan Jenkins or
Jenkin Morgan's the Milkman - I don't know which - down at Pill - John
went with me to Jenkin Morgan's, it was in the evening or night
time - I saw Jenkin Morgan there, and there was a dozen of them
altogether there - Stephens was not there - I saw all that were there
Edward Brickley was there - Brickley worked for the prisoner Stephens
at Jenkin Morgan's - They were getting their tools ready - they called
them Pikes. They were fastening them on new handles made of ash - They
fastened them with two small hatchets - They stretched these tools on the
ground and drove a nail through the iron and handle - The handles were
some of them seven feet and some of them eight feet long - they said
they bought the handles at some shops in Newport - they were about a
dozen in number - The handles were in a small bit of a room to the
back of the kitchen - I saw Jenkin Morgan the Milkman bring them
out of that room - this was at Jenkin Morgan's house - I saw his wife there -
After I saw them fasten on the Pikes they went away taking one apiece
of these Pikes - John Gibby had one at his own house - he said so
and he went out and came back with one - I saw Jenkin Morgan with
one and a Bayonet - he had a Belt round his waist and the Bayonet
was in it - I saw the Bayonet over the Fire place before he put it
in his Belt - He took the Bayonet down and offered it to me, but I
refused to take it - I saw Jenkin Morgan go out of the House - he took
the Bayonet and Pike with him - I did not see him any more that night -
I saw Gibby go out and come in again a second time - They told me they
were going as far as Caerleon to meet the Mob - John Gibby and Morgan
_______________________ David Herring .


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