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said this they asked me to go with them I did not go I said I would
not go Jenkin Morgan then said if I would not go I must take my
oath not to mention to Man Woman or Child what I had seen. I came
from Usk Goal to Monmouth; Mr Evans of Pill swore something against
me - I was sent there under a charge of Mr Evans of Pill for stealing
a Hammer - I was examined on Monday last by Mr Phelps - I was
examined before that by the Chief Policeman of Newport (Mr Hopkins)
I made a statement to Mr Hopkins he did not tell me it would be
better for me to make that statement - I made my statement of my
own accord - One of the Policemen who brought me to Goal I made a
statement to; he lives at Pill - He held out no hope to me - he told me
he would make the communication to Mr Hopkins - I was sent to
Gaol about a month after the riot at Newport - The policeman
asked me if I knew such people and I said I did - I was then in
his custody - I did hear that rewards were offered for people that had
cut - I lived in Newport all the time - I did not know the Magistrates
were sitting at the Westgate to hear the case against the Prisoners now
present I did not know of any reward for taking these prisoners
Before I came to prison I did hear the Magistrates were sitting at
the Westgate Inn. I did not want to give the information to them
that I gave the Policeman; I would not have given but for what
passed between me and the Policeman who took me to Gaol - Mr
who sent me to Gaol is a Blacksmith and lives at Pill - John Gibby
has worked for Mr Evans - I never saw Pikes in his house; I saw the drawing
of a Pike in Chalk on the shutter of the Shop Window about a couple
of days before this row began - it was of the same shape as those I
saw the Prisoner making: John Gibby was there and saw it and
fifteen others were Evans carries on the Moulding business makes chairs
and is an Anchor Smith - A Man named Evan Jones a Blacksmith
who worked in the Shop drew the pike on the shutter - I saw him
draw it about 2 or 3 days before the Riots - I did not hear any one tell him
how to draw it " It seemed as if for pastime in the shop
_________________David Herring X his mark

Edward Brickley of Newport Blacksmith on his oath saith I am a Blacksmith
- a Sho[e]ing Smith - I know Pillgwenlly I have lived there nearly two years
- I know William Stephens, he is present I know John Gibby he is present

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Prison for
Stealing a hammer




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