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in the large room at the Westgate on Saturday before the Magistrates
- No other person but this Man (Mr Phelps) even questioned me
My Master, Self and Gibby were in the Poor house at Newport - neither
of them asked me not to give Evidence against them - I told my
Master if I was called I would give Witness - and my Master said he
would do the same thing - I have often made things by a Pattern that
I did not know the use of
_________________________E Brickley X his mark

Edward Miles States I live with Edward Hopkins who is a Gardener
living on Stow hill in the Borough of Newport - On Monday the 4th
November last between ten and eleven o'clock I was standing on the
corner of Bakehouse Lane which is on Stow Hill I there saw Solomon Brittan
coming up Stow hill from the Westgate Inn
- He was opposite Miss
's House
which is about fifty yards down the Hill from the place
where I stood and between the place where I stood and the Westgate Inn
he came up to me and touched my Shoulder as he passed me in
the Lane called Bakehouse Lane - He carried some Weapon in his
hand I believe a Gun - a person of the name of Thomas Lewis and
another person I believe of the name of Jones from Malpas stood by
me at the time Solomon Britton came up - Thomas Lewis said to
me "You mark that Man if he is caught he will catch it" Brittan
had on a Brown Pilot Cloth Coat with a light Dog's Skin Collar and
a low Hat - In consequence if what Thomas Lewis told me I
took very particular notice of Brittan and should know him
again if I was to see him - I have seen him twice in custody
upon his Examination before the Magistrates -
_____________(Signed) Edward Miles

John Parry of Pontnewyndd in the Parish of Trevethin in the County
of Monmouth, Ruffer down at the Pontnewyndd Forge States I was at
my Lodgings at Pontnewyndd on Sunday night 3d November about</hi>
9 o'Clock several armed Men (one I know to be John Thomas alias
Jack the Sailor came into the House - One of them said Come by Boys
You must come with us. I said we must have some Victuals first - the
Man said We have no time to lose, We ought to be there now - Charles
my Landlord William Harvey and myself went with them to the Plough
and Harrow Beer house
about a quarter of a Mile were several people

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