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Jeremiah Box Stockdale - Sworn - States - I am Superintendant of
Police at Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan I
had some Bills sent me for the apprehension of 4 persons - In consequence of
that I apprehended the Prisoner at the Bar Zephaniah Williams, this morning (a)
about 3 o' Clock on board the Vintage bound for Oporto - she was laying at the Port
of Cardiff
- I asked his name and he told me Thomas Jones - he took what
occurred down in writing at the time - I took four men with me at
3 o'Clock this morning and went down to the Sea Lach [*] - I went on board
the Vintage, Captain Williams, bound for Oporto - I put a man over the Watch
upon Deck, so that he should not make an alarm and I went down into
the Cabin, I awoke the Captain and questioned him as to his Crew, he told
me he had no one on board but his Crew and himself - The persons
who I then saw there - I did not then see the Prisoner - I think he
also mentioned a Gentleman who I saw there - I told the Captain
I must search the Ship and he gave me leave to do it - I saw the
Prisoner fast asleep in a Berth next to the Captain and I asked
the Captain who the Prisoner was and I likewise asked the Crew who
were present if they knew him, I asked for the Ships Articles, the
Captain told me he had not got any Articles yet signed - I then
asked how the Prisoner came on board, he said that he brought a
Gentleman on board late last night, and that the Tide having ebbed
and they could not get away again and they were obliged to stay
- I awoke the Prisoner who seemed much alarmed and trembled
violently he then said he would go quietly with me - I had not then asked
him, he then said Whats the matter and I asked him his name
and he gave the name of Thomas Jones from Bridge End and
on further questioning him he said he was a Native of Merthyr
I asked him for his Papers and he said he had none - he
said he did not know any person in Cardiff, and I told him
I must detain him to give some account of himself, and I
delivered him over into the custody of some Constables - He was
handcuffed and I immediately had him searched - I found on
his person one silver watch, one silver pencil case, one Box of
percussion pistol caps French, one bundle of loose Caps which were
in his Pockets loose - 102 Sovereigns and a 10 shilling piece and 2
sixpences & 11 Spanish Dollars - a paper on which was written Edward Head

162 [encircled]

[Annotations in left margin:]
of 25th November
Apprehension of ye Prisoner

[* ? Latch ...]

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