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fair, he had not sailed when I left Cardiff, I reported him at the
Custom House
, the Captain was apparently an Englishman, the
initials W. W. were on his Trunk, I think his name was Williams,
the Captain expressed very great surprise when I found the Prisoner there,
he asked him what he did there, the Prisoner spoke very little he
did not answer that question, when I first got on Dock, I had a
Pistol in my hand - I then told the man on watch you must tell
me quietly who you have got below, he said there was Mr. Todd and
Mr. Todd's Brother but he did not believe he was his Brother, he
asked me what the man had done - I made him an answer
but I did not tell him what I wanted the man for - I was
then in Police Uniform when I understood the Captain to deny his
having any one on board besides his Crew - The Prisoner had his
clothes on - when I discovered him in the Berth, his Boots were
off, his waistcoat was unbuttoned - I think he had his Coat on I
am almost sure he had.
________________J. Box Stockdale - Supt.

Thomas Jones Phillips - Clerk to the Magistrates at Newport, I know
Zephaniah Williams - I have known him many years,
it is the prisoner at the Bar - He is charged with the crime of High Treason
and Sedition - He is very much altered in his appearance since I last saw him.
_______________Thos. Jones Phillips.

Edmund Evans - Sworn, says I live at Nyadd Hen in Bedwellty - I know
Israel Furmen a Doctor, he lives just by Gelly-grose Mill
I remember being at his house on Sunday Evening the 3rd. November instant
it was about 7 o'Clock when I left - It was about 6 when I went
there - I saw Furmen there, his wife and child were at home, there
was a knocking at the door while I was there, the knocking
was outside - I heard someone ask for him to come out, that
enquiry was made by two or three - I only heard one speak,
they said come out, come out directly - it was to the man
they said that; the woman answered they called Furmen -

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as regards Williams

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