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- No answer was made by him, but his wife said he should not
come - The persons without did not try then to open the door,
only they was at the door, When his Wife said he should
not come, they said they would have him, they did not
come into the house then, the door was opened to let me out,
and the old man went out before me - When they said they would
have him I did not say a word - I don't know where the old
man went when he went out, but he told his wife at the time
that he would go into the woods, and then I cut my way
home, that is all I do know about it - When I went out I did
not see any one at all - I went direct home - I did call for
my Horse at William Elias the Publican that was all - I saw
there only William Elias and his Wife when I went in - In
going home I met a good many with Candles lighted in their
hands, that was about 8 o' Clock very near, the men I met
were not armed in any way - no one came to my House
that night - I have not known Israel Furmen long, I have
known him this month or more - I never saw any Pistols in his
possession I dont know whether he carries pistols or not - I know
the prisoner Zephaniah Williams by sight, I have not seen him
in my neighbourhood I have not seen him I dont know when until
the present time.
_____________Edmd. Evans

Thomas Saunders Sworn, Says - I live at Abersychan - I am a
Shopman to Mr Daniel Lewis, he is a Linen
and Woollen Draper - I know Zephaniah Williams, he is the
prisoner at the Bar, I remember Sunday the 3rd November instant,
I was on that day at Bryn Mawr - I had spent the day there
till the Evening part at Mr.Marsdens - at Mr.Marsdens I
dined and I was at several other houses during the day seeing
my friends about. I left Brynmawr that Evening about 7 o' Clock
I went through Blaina on my way to Abersychan on Sunday
Evening - I met from 40 to 50 men there, they pressed me and
said you are to go along with us, some of them were armed and

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