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others were not, some had Guns, some had Pikes and some had
pistols - they then said being as we are so near to the Chartists
House, have a Card and so I said I would have two
Cards - they then took me into Zephaniah Williams' house
which was within 10 yards of the place where I was detected
I believe Zephaniah Williams keeps a Public house, I have
never drunk spirits in the House - I have drank Ale in the
House - it is called the Royal Oak - Mrs Williams the
Prisoners Wife I saw in the Bar - Llewellin Williams I saw
also and Servants - and several drinking in the Kitchen
when I went through towards the Bar - then I said I suppose as I
am taken I must have Cards, I said so to Mr. Williams in
the first place and Llewellin Williams, he is the Son of
Zephaniah Williams the Prisoner, then we went from the Bar,
I drank a Glass of Beer previous to my leaving the Bar and
went along with Llewellin Williams across to the little Parlour,
when I got a Card for Daniel Lewis and myself - Daniel
is my present Employer, and then I went along with these
men who were waiting outside - Llewellyn Williams is I should say
about 18 years of age - I should say so from his appearance -
then we went on through Wanyloogan by way of Beaufort
over the Hill till we got near Ebbw Vale - When we got near
Ebbw Vale I saw the Prisoner standing upon rising ground,
the weather was very rainy and it was very very dark,
the prisoner had an Umbrella in his hand which he held
to cover him - I think from the time we had been on the
Mountain it was about ten o' Clock or somewhere thereabouts
I cant tell exactly now - I saw a great number of people there
besides the Prisoner, Some had Candles and Lanthorns, and some had
Candles in their hands holding their hands over them to keep them lighted
the Prisoner said to me what are you come here - I went there
Mr Williams stood there with an Umbrella over his head, he
said come here to me so I went and stood by him, they
made their way towards the Bottom of the Hill, the whole
multitude that stood there at the time - afterwards there was a
great crowd of people came to meet us there - then I tried to

166 [encircled]

[Annotations in left margin:]
10 o Clock[ l. 27]
Met a mob [l.35]

[text marks at lines
4-6,21-25, 33-35]

[line 21 i.e. Waunhelygen]



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