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make my escape - then I was called back by the prisoner here present,
he said stop stop you must come along with me to keep these men
on - then we went along and there was houses called upon there - On
the way in coming there they were knocking them up - I mean knocking
at people's doors and calling them out - When the prisoner said to me
stop stop he drawed out a Pistol and held it right before
me and said go on, you must go along with me to keep
these men on - after they were knocking the men up, they went
along the Tram Road down as far as Pontaberbig, there was
a stay there because the men were drinking and they could
not get them out - I believe all these men went out
from the House - I asked the prisoner what was he going
to do, and he said very likely that they were going on
through Newport and very likely on to Monmouth, and so I
asked him what for, and he gave me no reply, then Mr. Williams
the prisoner at the Bar hired a Tram - I cannot name the person
he hired it of - it was at a little Public house by the Road side,
and I got into the Tram at the same time, and several more people
got into the Tram, he said he got the Tram for the purpose of
conveying those that were unable to walk or tired rather - it rained
very hard all night, it was a very rough night - I never suffer
such a night in my life not such a rainy night, then there was
another tram hitched to this, then that was loaded again with
men, full of men then we came on in that position, until
one of the Trams was let loose, we came on until we came
to a house which I think is called the Welsh Oak, it stands between
two Roads, the Tram Road crosses the Highway near this house
I believe it does - the house stands on side Land ground, it has
one door opening into the Tram Road, and another Door opening
in front - there were men there before we arrived - I cannot say how
many were there but there was a great number of people there
A vast number that were on the Mountain with me came down to the
Welsh Oak - there was more than 1000 men came down to the Welsh
more than 3000 more than 5000 as far as I believe, there was
a great number of them armed with Pikes, Guns, Pistols, I saw
no swords amongst them - I saw some with mandrels I say what

167 [encircled]

[Annotations in left margin:]
Welsh Oak

[line 9 Pontababig- Pontaberbeeg]



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