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I went to Brynmawr on business and to see my friends I went
to see Mr. Marsden for one in particular - I called upon three in
the course of that day - I called one Mr. Howard of the Prince of
and Mr Powell of the Beehive - I had some conversation with
some of them as to the probability of a movement amongst them Mr.
for one went to Abergavenny that morning I had no conversatn
with the Publicans on the same subject but I saw them leaving the
Town I heard several other people conversing upon the subject that day
I learnt nothing from them - I had not heard of that movement
before I was in doubt as well as themselves - I collected nothing that
day, but all the place was in doubt - the doubts that I heard did
not convey to my mind any impression that a movement was
to take place for I had heard such reports before I say that I
did not hear of this using before I went over there on Sunday
but I had often heard before of their intention to rise - I say
as far as this, that I had heard people say that they were
afraid of the Chartists rising, that is what I mean to say - I
heard before Sunday the 3rd. November that there was a rising
contemplated amongst the Chartists - I withdraw my former answer
when I said that I had not before that day heard of any rising
I first told what I knew of this to Mr. Edwards the Majistrate
I went to him that is I was taken to him by a Policeman
and two Constables Scard for one and the other two Constables
- I don't know their names - it was on Tuesday the 5th.
November I found Mr. Edwards opposite his own house on the
______opposite his own house
road - ^ I first saw Mr. Edwards I was taken to the Poor house
were I was confined six days from Tuesday morning to Monday
night following from the road Mr. Edwards walked along with me
to the place - it was then I communicated to Mr. Edwards that I
was able to give information My statement was taken down whilst
I was in the Poor House by Mr Edwards that did not occupy much
_____not above ten minutes or a quarter of an hour at farthest
time ^ I did not see Mr Edwards more than once in the Poor house
_____ conversation took place between me & any other
No other ^ person than Mr Edwards and a Surgeon I gave the same Evidence
then in the Poor House that I have since it was done in 10 minutes or th-bouts
Mr. Edwards did not advise my giving information, nothing was said about
my being discharged if I would give information I gave Mr. Edwards the

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