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information on Tuesday the 5th. November. I was discharged on Monday
following I was discharged in this room. I was brought into this
room and discharged by Mr. Coles and the other Majistrates I met
those Men right opposite & within 10 yards of Zephaniah William[s]'s house
when I went in and got the cards - there were 40 or 50 men there, part of
them went in with me and part of them went on. I live at Abersychan and
on Sunday has been at Brynmawr. It is my nearest way home by Zephaniah
I was on foot this way is across the mountain I dont know
that there is a shorter way by some miles across the mountain without
going by the Prisoners house. I mean to say that I know not of a
shorter road - I dont state that there is not such a road. I dont
know any of the Men that compelled me to go into
's house
I obtained the 3 Cards there I obtained the
second card for my present Employer he was not there having obtd.
the Cards I went along with these Men . I walked. I was amongst
them they named that if I did not go I would be bound to go
they did not take hold of me - After that I first saw the
Prisoner by the side of a hill near Ebbw Vale as near as I
can understand the Men went all along with us the Men were
with me when I got up to the Prisoner I cant say that they
could hear anything that passed between me and the Prisoner
because there was a large crowd there When I got up to the
Prisoner he spoke to me, the Men that went up with me to the
prisoners could have heard what the Prisoner said to me as well as
I could I did not tell the Prisoner in the hearing of the Men that
I had been down to his house for 2 Cards when I first met the
prisoner he said to me what are you come here, come here to me what
do you think of the night" I answered and said I think it is rainy [?]
and wet enough" that he said "you must come on with me to keep
these Men on" I went up to him. I did not say yes He held a
pistol towards before me at the bottom of the Hill there was several
there I was trying to make my retreat, these were not quite
around me at the time for I was a little a one side, they were
near enought to see the Pistol which he held at me I said I would
go The Pistol was loaded by all accounts that I have heard I
can't swear that I had known

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