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the Prisoner about 2 months or a little better I saw at his House, the
Royal Oak
where he always behaved to me in a Civil quiet manner until
that night When the Prisoner asked me to keep the People on I was bound
to comply with his request. I have spoken of a place where he obtained
a Tram - After the Tram was obtained I went into a House close
by and ordered the people out by the Prisoner's Orders. The Prisoner
was not 10 yards off me when I went into that House, and compelled
the people to come out. I did not use violence towards a young man
and the Prisoner did not interfere and blame me for it. I did not
either then, or at any other time during that night use violence towards
any young man and the prisoner did not interfere to prevent me I
saw the prisoner use violence towards a person, myself for
one I
saw him holding a pistol against another person, whose name I
do not know, I had never seen that person before nor have I seen
him since, that was this side of Pye Corner just coming up the Top
there in the morning about 1/2 past 7 or 8 it was light I can't say
that any Person noticed it - I can't name any Person that saw
the Prisoner use the Pistol as I have named - The Prisoner
said we are going thro' Newport and very likely to Monmouth
The Prisoner did not recommend any person to use violence
nor did I hear him recommend them to be peaceable - I can't name
any person who was present and heard the Prisoner say they
were going through Newport and perhaps to Monmouth it was
on the Road between the Welsh Oak and Newport, that I saw
the Prisoner put an extra Bullet into his Pistol, it was raining
then, the Prisoner carried that Pistol in his Pocket, in
his Coat Pocket, in his outside Pocket. I could not see any
part of the Pistol, when in his Pocket - I should consider the
barrel about 10 or 12 Inches long - I should know the man
that gave him the Bullet if I was to see him. I never saw him
previous to that night I can't name any one man who was
present and saw the Prisoner put the extra Bullet into
the Pistol, and heard what he said, there were many
persons present but I can't name them, I dont know any
Public House on the right hand side coming from Ebw Vale
to Newport. I did not on the way down turn into any Public

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Witness compelled people to go



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