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House that I know of not to my knowledge I went into
a Public House at Pontaberbeeg I did not go alone the Prisoner
went with me for one and several besides the House was
full, that was a Public House I did go into another Public
House between Pont aber beeg and Ebu Vale The Prisoner did not
in that house restrain me from committing violence upon a
young man there I am as certain of that as I am
of the other matters to which I have deposed in the
course of my examination and no more so I dont know
the Brewery at Risca - I recollect being at Risca on the
night in question - I was not restrained at Risca by the
Prisoner from committing violence when I got to Stow HIll
no words passed between me and the Prisoner, no words
passed of any consequence between me and any other person
I said let us go as fast as we can - I retreated, that
was the last place I saw the Prisoner - I went as far
as Bassaleg. When at Stow Hill I saw a wounded man
pass by At that time I saw the Prisoner I do not
know the name of the Public House I went into I
saw no one in that house whom I knew except the Prisoner
I did not as I remember speak to any one in that house
I did not attempt to or lay hands upon any one
there without speaking to them I know a house called the
Welsh Oak it is the house I call the house at Risca. there was
a great number in the Welsh Oak at Risca at the time I
was there I had no quarrel or dispute with any one at
the Welsh Oak At the time the Prisoner put the Pistol
up to me he said I was bound to go along he held the
Pistol at my Chest.
____________________Thomas Saunders.

John Davies Sworn States I am a Collier and live at
Blaina I know Zephaniah Williams the prisoner, he lives
by at Mr Brewer's Works Coalbrook Vale near Blaina I have
been in his house I went to his house because I saw
the people all a signing hundreds of them, nobody forced

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not to be relied upon

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