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told us we need not vex about wives and Children as they would provide
for them he did not say who, he said dont you vex about wives and
children. We will provide for them, he did not say who, he said we
We went to the Mountain they told us what part to the mountain we
was to go. Mr. Williams told us it was between Pen y Cae and nant y glo
Peny cae is Ebbw Vale it is called Peny Cae, and it is called Ebbw
. I did see Williams the prisoner once there, I mean Zephaniah
I did not see a good many there, there were many hundred
there It was dark, it was very wet some of the Men I saw there were
armed and some not armed, some carried pikes, some pikes, and some
staffs my Gun was not loaded it was not my own Gun, it belonged
to William Jones of the same row I live in When I first saw the
Prisoner he was standing down among the crowd I did not hear him
tell the persons there any thing or say any thing to them We were to
meet on the mountain to to shew our power and to shew that we had got
to defend ourselves. We remained on the mountain from an hour to
an hour & a half. I heard it said we were to wait there a good
bit the prisoner was not by me at the time. I did not hear the
prisoner say what we were to do when we got on the mountain
- I heard the Prisoner say when we were on the mountain we
were going to Newport - I made a mistake in saying that I
had not heard him, it was very wet, it was dark, I did see
nothing in Zephaniah William's hands I did not see him carry
any thing. I saw one or two there with Umbrellas I dont
know any one who I saw with an Umbrella the Prisoner
had not an Umbrella up then - I dont know what he had
in his hand, he had a good Coat on When we left the
we went down the tram road, every one as he could,
we did not go tidy that Tram Road leads down to Newport - there
was a big gang before me, the rest was behind us there was
only a couple of us together, we stopped on the road between
Peny Cae and Newport - I can't tell you the name of the place
where we stopped - it is where the Turnpike road crossed the tram
I did not stop none hardly there, indeed I can't tell you
how far that is from Newport, it is this side of Risca, there is a
door opening into the tram road and another door in front, the house is

174 [encircled]

[Annotations in left margin:]
meet to shew power
going to newport



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