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sure of it I am sure I did not load it however, I am sure
nobody else loaded it whilst I was with me, it was not worth to
load it was not fit to put shot in it to put any thing in
it - I carried it because the prisoner said dont be feared to bring
any thing along with us, no nothing to some to us for carrying
it. I dont know a man named Jones the watchmaker at
Pontypool - I dont know him as I do know by that name
I have seed a Man they call Jones at the prisoners house
I heard it said by Jones to put bread and cheese in our
pocket. it was said in the presence of the prisoner, and
loud enough for him to hear when I first went into
the prisoners house I signed something to be a Chartist, a
great many signed it - it was at the prisoners house. it is
a public house I dont know the name of it I can read and
write a little I can sign my name, when I was ordered
to face into rank at the Waterloo. I dont know who gave the
order, it was a man in a long flannel smock the prisoner
gave no orders of that kind, no I am sure of it too not
in my hearing, nor I did not see him there too. - I have
not been taken into custody in consequence of the riots in
this Town I have known the prisoners 15 years or more. I
have been working under him, he was at that time as
I was under him as good a Master as ever I was
under, very quiet, he merely wished us to take what we
had with us to the mountain to shew our strength and to
defend ourselves, nothing more than that, he did not say we
were to use what we did take with us My old Gun had
a lock but no flint, having no flint and not being loaded it
was not very dangerous not one of them
John Davis

Edward Richards - sworn says I am a Collier. I live at
Colebrook Vale. I know the prisoner Zephaniah Williams he
lives at the Royal Oak Colebrook Vale or the Blaina some called
the Blaina Colebrook Vale and the Blaina join each other. I live
just the other side of the road from him about 60 or 70 yards from

176 [encircled]

[Annotations in left margin:]

Prisoner a good master
useless Gun
not to be called
Caution not to
break the Law



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