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him there have been meetings held at his house. they calls
them Chartist meetings I did attend them. I have
been a member of them. they calls them meetings,
once every week - the meeting night was on the
Thursday before the Sunday they got off, that was the
regular meeting night I dont recollect the day of the
month. it was three weeks last Thursday, there was many
persons there. We did meet at 7 oClock the regular time
was it was in the Evening I believe the prisoner was
there I am not sure because he was from home about that
time very often. - I know the prisoner kept a public house, I
call a public house a Beer shop house I remember the Sunday
after that Thursday. I was that day from my house to his
house and backwards and forwards all day - I saw the prisoner
that day indeed I can't tell how often I seed him many times there
was did very much take place between me and the
prisoner that day but between me and the
Company in the house. - we was taking some beer
together that day - I saw the prisoner, there
was a large meeting proposed to be that Evening
to be held in some place yet unknown, there came
a Man there a stranger to me I dont know his
name from Blackwood. I was told he came
to give as knowing where that meeting was
to be held that was to be held on the Hill
between Ebbw Vale and Nantyglo
the prisoner was there
in the room at in the same time as the Man
that man gave us charge to go home and fetch bread
and cheese to put in our pockets and to go
top of the Hill for fear we should stop there
long we met at the hill, we went down
then to Ebbw Vale. then I walked side
and side with Zephaniah Williams - Zephaniah
told them to the people to dare not to
break the law if they would take

177 [encircled]

[Annotation in left margin:]
told people not to break the Law



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