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care not to break the law there would be no danger - he walked down
there 'till opposite the blast furnaces at Ebbw Vale, then it seemed to me
then that the blast was drawn off from the furnaces - I told Zephaniah
then, that I hoped that they did not stop the furnaces that would
injure the Masters, the workmen and the work, he answered let them
stop it to the Devil - Just at that place I lost his Company - I
dont know the name of the place I saw him again it was just
at the place where the tram road cross the turnpike road we
stopped there for a long time towards day light, then I did not
seen him since not afterwards until this very moment when I saw
the Prisoner at his own house, on the Sunday there was a man
from Blackwood there, that man was speaking there, he spoke in
English. The prisoner acted as an Interpreter to interpret English into
Welsh - the prisoner said for every man to do his best to have some
kind of arms for self defence, this here man from Blackwood said
that if there was a turn coat three to turn out that very
minute if not there would be some hard punishment - The prisoner
was present when the Man from Blackwood said that - I went
to the mountain - a good many of the people I saw there had
arms - we were waiting there for a good time expecting the
Sirhowy people over, well I dont know no more we were marching
from there down - I heard something said by the prisoner about
Steam Engines, he talked about taking the men down, that
was proposed for but it was not looked for I heard no talk of
that after we went from the hill, I can't no more about it than I
have told - I did not see the prisoner after I left the house where
the tram road crossed the turnpike road
, I saw many there, I dont
how much
, they had some arms and walking sticks some had guns
others had pikes sticks and walking staffs I saw some with Mandrels
I did see a Chaise while we was stopping there, it was in the turnpike road
I left that place just at the breaking of the day I came down to Newport
there was a man under my Arm down every stop of the road we were
altogether there indeed I cant tell how many we were, we went down thro'
Sir Charles Morgan's Park I had a walking staff in my hand the other
man and me I did not see the prisoner after that day. I was just along
side of the prisoner as he was passing by - I was standing - he gave the

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