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men a charge not to break the law and get into danger, that if they
did not do that there was no danger to be he said that many times
The last time I heard the prisoner say not to break the law, was when
the Chaise was on the road, when I last saw him - he said so several
times on the hill and when he was in his own house - I bant sure
the Prisoner has an Umbrella in his hand It wasseems after that I noticed
the appearance of the blast of the furnaces being stopped, that I heard
the Prisoner say, let them stop it to the Devil when he made use of
that expression, we were on the road opposite the furnaces, exactly, not a
quarter of a mile from the furnaces - From the situation in which I
saw the prisoner that night, he could have gone to the furnaces for I
lost him then on the road - I did not see him going towards the furnaces
I knew the prisoner by the look of him since he has been in the
neighbourhood I have known him about a twelve month or something
like that he has always been a peaceable quiet man and a good
neighbour - I never seed no less of him - I am sure ^he said the Arms was to
be made use of merely in self defence, if there would be need
have seen pistols with the prisoner in his own house I never saw pistols
with him afterwards that was the Sunday when we went to the large
meeting, it was a middling big one something like a horse pistol
from 12 to 15 inches long I dont know much about pistols I
did not see more than one I saw him ramrod it I could say
what he was doing with it, but he was with the ram rod in
the pistol - I did not hear him say any thing when he was
ramming the pistol I dont know what the ram rod was made
of - I did not hear it sound at the bottom of the pistol when he
was ramming of it down - If I had a Gun in my own house I
would keep a head on it always, It is a common thing for a
man to have a pistol or a Gun in his own house - I was
about 3 or 4 yards from the prisoner when he was ramming the pistol
- I did not take more notice of the pistol than that it was a pistol I
did not see it had a lock I did not see it had a flint neither I
thought it was a whole pistol by seeing him ramming of it I can't state
positively whether it had a lock or a flint I believe it was a whole
pistol - I was never Secretary to any Chartist Club
___________________Edward Richards

[Annotations in left margin:]
Peaceable man
arms for self defence



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