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Simon Leonard Sworn States I am Landlord of the Hanbury
Arms at Llanhilleth
- On the night of Sunday the 3d November instant I
was at home - We expected what they called the Chartists to come down<lb/ >our way all over the hills and proceed down to Newport which rumour
we did not believe in our own neighbourhood - Several men came to my
house that night between 11 & 12 o'clock that night as soon as
I opened the door the house was filled there was hundreds no
doubt they rapped at the door, I did not answer the first rap
they rapped a second time and they fired off a Gun - I rapped at
the window to let them know that I heard them, and they said
that unless I came down immediately they would burst open the
door - I opened the door in consequence as soon as I did so my
house was filled with persons armed with different weapons, they
called for beer I gave them some beer - Some I was paid for and
some not - they blew the light out - At that time I considered
myself in great danger and I begged of them to get the light
again as it was impossible to do any thing in the dark, they did
get a light - I did not see the prisoner exactly then - I did
see the prisoner in my house that night I should think in the
course of 5 minutes after they brought the light I saw him in the
bar where I drawed the beer - I had known him before I shook hands
with him - I told him I was very glad to see him - I told
him that I had drained all the beer that was on tap and I
begged of him to send the people away as they had all the
beer that was on tap - He made no reply to me he ordered the
people away, they did go he told them to make the best of
their way and not to call any more on their way, he did not
say where they were to make the best of their way to in my hearing
- first of all I asked him if he would accept a Glass of
any thing he said he would accept of a Glass of peppermint on
my going to look for the jar of peppermint I found it was all
gone, about 3 Gallons was gone, and also a jar that contained
rum about a Gallon and a half - he asked me if I could
accommodate him with a horse - I told him I had no
horse, he then asked me if I could get him a horse he said he
was willing to pay any thing, if he could only get a horse I

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[Annotations in left margin:]
betn 11& 12 mob came
fired a gun
saw Z Williams
ordered Men on

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