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told him I did not know where I could get him a horse - I
then left him in the bar and I did not see him afterwards
until I saw him here this morning - Some of the men had
pikes some had Guns some had Swords and some had Staffs they
left my house in the direction for Newport about 10 o'Clock on
Monday morning-After they left I missed a Cloak 4 Umbrellas and
a safeguard I have not discovered them since - After the light was
brought to me I saw the prisoner and told him I was very glad
to see him - I had known the prisoner before I had known him
about 6 months - I was glad to see him because I had heard
he had a great deal to do with the Chartists and that he was a
man of great influence among the Chartists - that if any one could
turn them out that he was the person to do so I believed that
as he had influence over the men that he would not allow them
to do any thing out of the way in my house - I do believe the
Prisoner an honest man, it was from that belief I was glad to see
him at my house I never heard any thing to the contrary of his
being a peaceable and honest man I asked him to get the people
out of my house, he made no reply altho he made me no reply
he complied with my request During the time he was in my house
he conducted himself in an orderly and proper manner - I did not
see any thing to the contrary they fired their Guns outside the door
that proved the Guns had locks and flints likewise I dont know
what the prisoner had in his hand I dont remember seeing any thing
in his hand my house is 153/4 miles from Newport, they took the
direction for Newport down the tram road my house is on the
side of the tram road, after leaving my house towards Newport and
about 3 miles down the tram road, the road from my house is
joined by another road at Crumlyn I did not see the men at
Crumlyn - The last place I saw them was at our house - altho they
left my house in the direction for when they got down to Crumlyn
they may have taken the Pontypool road or the Merthyr road for
all I know to the contrary I dont mean to say that the prisoner
stole the umbrellas the safe and other things I lost from my
house but they were taken by some of the persons that he was
with I dont mean to say that he took them - I dont believe

181 [encircled]

[Annotations in left margin:]

Prisoner an honest man
house 15 miles from Newport

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