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that he took them It was my having heard of his being an
influential man among the Chartists that I asked him to order the men
out of the house - that was my reason for asking him to do so -
that was the very thing
___________________________Simon Leonard

James Samuel - Sworn Says - I am a Hallier and keep the Coach
and horses at Llanhilleth
- I was at home on the night of Sunday
the 3d November - Some men came to my house that night about 1/2
past 11 at night they knocked at the door I began to start down
very soon - I opened the door a great many came in not so many
then as what came afterwards, when they came first I poured them
3 quarts of beer to the best of my knowledge - I did not know
any of them I saw some of them had pikes I believe there was
a Gun or two, a pistol a short Gun with some there they
had a great deal of bread and Cheese, they asked for 2d piece
but I received three half pence altogether for it I saw the Prisoner
there I saw him about 1/2 past one or somewhere thereabouts he
called for a pint of beer - I gave it him, it was quite a wet
night I heard him say nothing to a person in that room who was
with him - he asked me where was my horses - I said they were up
at my land at Pont yr avril, they were not there In a little time
I allowed as there was one of them in the Stable he said he wished
to have it to go down towards Newport - him and a tram I cant
say that I heard any thing said about Newport before by the
Prisoner or by any one else in his presence - The Prisoner said that he
was tired and wished to have the horse - he said they ought to make
hurry to go as he thought they should be after time - I believe the prisoner
said they ought to be at Newport about 4 o' Clock - they left our
house about 2 or 10 minutes past 2, that was the time
I heard the prisoner say they were late - My house is 15
miles and half a quarter from Newport - When the prisoner said
they were late he appeared to be quite low he sat down by the
fire to dry himself - I can't tell how long it would take a man
to walk down to Newport from my house I think as it would take
me 5 or 6 hours to walk such a time - I did not hear one single

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