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back and the Blaina - he keeps a beer house called the Royal Oak
- I saw him on the Tuesday night before the riots - I was there
from twenty minutes to half an hour. He the prisoner was in the
room whilst I was there, there were a great many others there
- I heard Zephaniah Williams say that it was a good Cause, that
the Charter was a good cause, I never gave my name to them, it
was either the Friday night or the Saturday night following I
saw him the second time I saw him there in his house, it
was another one stood up that night, it was Thomas Guttery, the
prisoner was there, I staid there then about a quarter of an
hour - I saw him again on a Sunday Evening, the same Sunday
as they did use - that was the first Sunday - After the Tuesday
that I saw him, there were a great many persons there that night
I saw him in his own house on Sunday night - The prisoner then
said there was a large meeting to be held on the Mountain - He
said it would be best for every one to have summut with him
to defend himself for fear that some people or people might come
to the Meeting and interrupt them, them saying was as this, that
there was a meeting to be on the mountain for all to be ready to go up
to London in peace, that there was no shedding of blood, nor
nothing of the sort to be in the Case that the Gentlemen a great
________their money
number to give to the poor to go to London to show themselves
there and support their wives and families until they return again
every one to his own house peaceably - he did not tell us how
we were to go to London. He did not tell us what time we
were to start he said that every one should up on the Mountain
just at dark - it was a little after three on Sunday Evening - I
suppose when I was at the prisoners house I went away directly
I was not there above 2 or 3 minutes I went home that
Evening. I did not go out again that Evening until it was time
to go to Chapel at 6 o' Clock I went out to go to Chapel my
wife was with me - I was obliged to go by the door of the
prisoners house in going to Chapel I met some one just opposite
the prisoner's I met three, they met me with Pikes, I did not
see Zephaniah Williams then, I saw a great many men without pikes
- I know the Lodge room at the Prisoner's - they call it the long

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