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room - I did not hear the prisoner at any time say that any Lodge
was held at his house - I can't tell exactly what size room it is, it is
not so wide as this - I dare say it would hold 2 or 300 - After meeting the
men with the pikes, we met some without any they went down by the end
of the prisoners house I saw some of them come back again when they come
back they had some pikes with them, they were not long away before they came back
with the pikes, they were about a minute away - the long room is upstairs - there
is a room under it, there is a place under it I dont know whether it is
brew house or what it was - I saw the men we met without arms go down that
way, they were going down two's and three's without arms, they was by the door
of the place under the lodge room - I did not see them go in - I saw them come
out - I don't know the men I am not very certain that the men I
saw come out of the room with pikes were the same men I had seen
just before without any pikes, they were so thick - I can't say that I know
one person that I saw without a pike and that I saw afterwards come
out of the room with a pike - I saw four two and two come out
of the room with pikes - I dare say there was a dozen or 15 or 20
about the place with pikes, I did not go to the Chapel - I was
obliged to go up to the mountain, they drove me up with the
pikes - I was by the prisoner's door when they first began to drive
me with the pikes, I did go to the mountain - It was after 6
I dare say when we got to the mountain - I saw a man on
the mountain that they said was Zephaniah Williams - The prisoner
is very much like the man I seed there as they said was Zephaniah
- I cannot swear to him, we went from the Mountain
down to Mr Harford's Works, they did stop there for some time
I heard the man who they called Zephaniah Williams say - there
that there was one of those Engines and Trams and planks, laid
on them for to take the people down to Newport - the men upon
the mountain were armed, a great number, some had pikes, some had
Guns - I do live at Mr Brown's Works at Blaina, I dont think
there is a quarter of a mile from my House to the Prisoners
I have lived there from two years to 2 1/2 years I never was
in the Royal Oak since the Prisoner come there, before the
Tuesday before the riot - I do think the prisoner do look more
palish and more poorly than the man I saw at the Royal Oak

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