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who they said was Zephaniah Williams - at one of the meetings I
was at a man of the name of Thomas Guttery spoke - Zephaniah
was then present. Guttrey said it was a good Cause and
mentioned some five Articles. I can't say exactly what they was he
said the Charter was a good Cause if it could be got he said
how it was to be got for every poor men to give their names
and stick true together, that it should be got in spite of all
Hell - at the meeting on Sunday what I heard Zephaniah
say was this - that it would be better for every
person to take some thing with them for fear that some
people should come to disturb the meeting - We went from the
down to the Peny Cae Works and from there
down to the Royal Oak the Welsh Oak it was all
the throng was together excepting those that was scattered
about - I came down just so far as the entrance of this
here Town I can't tell the name of the Street - I don't
recollect it, it was to Stow Hill I did not go further than
that I did then run off Zephaniah was present when
Guttrey spoke about the 5 Articles he said that one of
them was to have the duty and taxes off and another
thing to have the poor houses down - to the best of my
recollection the 'tother was this to have the poor as well as
the rich to have them vote for Members of Parliament
that is all I do remember about it - I heard it said more
than once the prisoner was present when I heard it on another
occasion - I have heard Zephaniah Williams say it - I never
saw Zephaniah Williams since if that is the man I can't swear
to him - he is much like him the form of his body - I can't
say as he is the Man but he is like him - I can't say it is
him - I never knowed him as I would swear to him, it is very
much like him only he is paler in the face - I saw a dozen
15 or 20 persons about the prisoners house with pikes
there is no Garden or Court adjoining his house - the
house is built on a Common adjoining the road without any
wall or other bounds
Wm Howell

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taxes off
Poor houses down

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