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Rachael Howells - Sworn - Says - I am the Wife of William Howell
he works at the Gas Works at Blaina - I have seen Zephaniah
- I have seen him twice I am sure - I believe I know him when
I see him - I saw him last on Saturday before the Chartist rise, I
think it was the first Saturday in the month - I think it was the
first of this month - I was the last pay in Blaina - I don't
remember when I saw him before that Saturday it was before that
a good bit - I saw him on the Saturday in his own house, I
called there, he was then in the house, that Saturday I asked
him what we was to do for Victuals when they take the Men
away, he told me not to mind that, that he would mind for
Victuals for the Women and Children, I asked him is he would
please to let me know, he said that he would find Shop for
me until the Men did come back, he did not say where the Men
were going to, or what they were going to do - In the house I see'd
him the first time - I see'd him on his own door - I can't say
when it was it was a good bit before that Saturday, I was on the
Road when I saw him on his own door - he did make motions I
did not understand and I went in, I asked him "Sir did you call
me, he did ask me what I did ask him, and I told him - He
asked me then if I want a Card as far as I can remember - I
told him that I wanted to know what was about the Chartists
and I told him that I would give my husband's name to it, if
there would be no harm in it - I did give him my husbands name
he told me there was no harm in it - When I gave my husbands
name he told me there was no harm in it he asked me if I would
have a Card - I said "Yes if you please Sir, he gave me a Card, I
asked him what the Card was for, he told me I had better have one than
to be without it, he said the Card would keep us without danger - I
have that Card - I did give it to my husband on Tuesday before they
did rise, and he did burn him because he was not willing, I did
not tell my husband that I had taken a Card, I did hide him in
my Pocket - I think the number was 70 or 75 or something - I ban't
sure there was a number upon it, I did see Zephaniah Williams write
my husband's name on the Card - I did see my husband's name
on the Card after I got it, I don't remember what was on the Card

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