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there was the Number, there was writing on it, that is all I
do remember indeed - I do remember the Tuesday after the last
pay at Blaina, I did begin my way to go Chapel at 6 o'Clock
that Evening - My husband was with me, I did not go to
Chapel, we did go as far as Zephaniah Williams' house, and there
was a great deal of People by the Door, and the road was too
full, I did go by his house - I did thought they was Chartists, and
I did take hold of his arm and either 3 or 4 I am not sure
come and have him from me, and and drag him from me, they
had something in their hands - I ban't sure what they had in
their hands, because I was almost out of my senses, and I
don't know exactly how it was, I was pushed against the walls
and I was hurt - I cannot say exactly what was in their hands
I saw something - I did return home - I could not go no further
I did not see my husband again until Tuesday evening, I
know Zephaniah Williams' house very well. I have been in it many
times, years ago, not since he has been there, I dont know the
Club Room now since they did build a new place there, I did see
many men about that Evening, the road was quite full and we
could not pass without going by the side next to the house - I
can't sure whether I did see Zephaniah Williams' this morning
I believe the Prisoner is the Man, there is a great deal of alteration in
him - there was a great many people on the Turnpike road by the
Prisoners house, and I could only pass by taking the side next
___________________they was fuller there than next the door
the Prisoners house, the Crowd did keep on the other side ^ my husband is here somewhere.
_____________________Rachael Howell

Richard Hawkins - Sworn - I live at Blaina - I am a Miner - I
have been a Marine - I was a private a long time and a Corporal a
long time - I know Zephaniah Williams - He lived in the Royal Oak
at Blaina
- I remember Sunday the 3rd November instant I went into
the Prisoners house about 6 o' Clock in the Evening of that day me and my
Brother in law his name is Isaac Davies I did not go on any
particular business, I went there to see what was going on, and to know
what I owed there and drink a pint of Beer or two me and my brother

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an old soldier



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