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in Law, there was a good many people there, I saw the Prisoner there - I
did not see him do any thing - I saw him talk to different people now and
then, I saw him go upstairs Me and my Brother in Law, he came down
again on a few minutes, he did not come down in the same Clothes he
went up in, I think he changed his Clothes, I am sure he did, he has better
Clothes on when he went up than when he came down - it was misting rain
that time, it was rather rainy - When he came down stairs he went to
another little room by himself, I followed him in, in about two minutes
after he went in himself - I spoke to him - he told me never mind go on
I saw something on the table - he was standing at the table - I did see
by him on the table was 20 or 30 Cartridges - I am not sure how many
there was, he was packing them up in paper - I am sure they was
Cartridges, there was 20 or 30 I can't be sure as to the number, I have
seen Cartridges before - I dare say I have used many thousands of
them, those I have used were made of powder and ball, I don't know
whether there was ball in them that I saw of Mr Williams's or no
I did not take so much notice of them, they were rather less than the
Cartridges I have used before now, not so long - the Cartridges I have
used were Musket Cartridges, regular Soldiers Musket Catridges, I
have seen a good many Pistol Cartridges during my life service - the Cartridges
I saw upon the table were rather bigger than Pistol Cartridges, they
were between both Musket and Pistol Cartridges. - I owed the
five shillings for Beer and a little Spirits I had drank I am no Chartist
I never joined them in my life the Prisoner keeps a Public House called
the Royal Oak he sells Beer and Spirits, I have seen Zephaniah Williams
here, the Prisoner is the Man. X The Cartridges were not so long as those I
have been in the habit of using - I did not take either of them in my
hand - I was not long in the room - If the Cartridges I saw on the
Table had contained ball they would have been longer than blank
Cartridges - It is not usual for persons who go out to use Guns to go
_______flints and cocks
without, ^ I can't tell not to be sure how much powder there was in them,
a blank Musket Cartridge would be a little longer than the Cartridges I
saw upon the Table, I can't be sure whether I had before seen Cartridges
of the same size as those I saw with Mr Williams, they appeared to be
made in the usual way of Cartridges, they were tied both ends in the
usual way - they could have contained ball without my knowing it

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William redressed
No Chartist



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