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because I did not take such particular notice, I was not long enough in the
room - A Cartridge would be of use with a Gun without a flint or a
Lock by firing it with a Match the same as they do with a Cannon on
board a Ship, there was no Ball in those Cartridges as far as I know I can't
tell, I did not take particular notice, these Cartridges were about the same
size as the Cartridges now produced there may have been balls in those
Cartridges - I don't know those Cartridges were not tied.
_______________Richard Hawkins

John Nichol Hawkins Sworn, Says, I am a Surgeon residing in Newport
was called ^ professionally to a person at Michaelston Veber[*] on Monday
the 4th November instant between 7 and 8 about 8 I should say, I know
a place called Pye Corner that is near Sir Charles Morgans Park, I met some
Men that morning near 100 - I met them at Pye Corner near the Park gate
they were coming in the direction from Risca, they were going in the direction
of Newport, they were on the Tramroad, I did not see any Guns, some of
them had tops, Scythes fastened on Sticks, some had spikes on Sticks-
something like that and others with Clubs, I saw one sword, I know Zephaniah
he is the prisoner at the Bar
, he was amongst the persons that I
saw at Pye Corner, the prisoner was the only person I knew - I spoke to them first in
the hearing of the Prisoner, I told them they had better not go on, that there
was three Pickets of Soldiers just come up when I left, and I begged them
to return - the prisoner said "damn the Soldiers", and for them to come on and
they could shew what the Colliers could do in Newport - I in consequence
gave information to a Magistrate I saw no more of the prisoner afterwards.
_______________John Nichol Hawkins

Henry Smith - Sworn States - I live with James Samuel, he lives at Llanhiddel
there is a tram road right before his door, my master keeps a Public
house, he do sell beer - I remember Sunday the 3d November I can't tell exactly
what time I went to bed that night it was between 9 and 10 - I was called up that
night - James Samuel my Master called me - I did get up - it was between
12 and one - I seed the house full when I went down full of people, they
had got something with them, some got spears and some got Guns, I saw some
one sitting near the fire place - I see my Master talk to him - He did call him
Mr. Williams, when my Master called him Mr Williams, I think he did

190 [encircled]

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...d the Soldiers

would shew at
Newport what
Colliers could do

...knew the nature of an oath
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