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answer, I did not hear that man ask my Master for any thing My
Master told me to go to the Stable and put the tack on the Horse I was to
bring the Horse to the Tram My Master said that I was to put the Tack on
the horse to get the Tram from Mr. Williams, he told me that before I went
out of the house. Mr. Williams was then present sitting in the Corner. I did
not hear Mr. Williams say any thing to my Master about the Tram I did
hitch the horse fast to the Tram I got the Tram to the House & I went into the
House & told Master that I had the Tram ready Mr. Williams was in the
room when I told my Master the Tram was ready Mr. Williams said come
on now - I dont know but he did, he said that to the men that was in the
house Mr. Williams did go out and go into the Tram, there was 3 or 4 went
into the Tram besides Mr. Williams - When Mr. Williams and the Men were in the
Tram Mr. Williams said Go on & we did go on we did stop down at Crumlin at
the Bridge
that was about two miles from my Master's house Mr. Williams did
not get out of the Tram when we stopped at Crumlin - We stop there to pull the
Bridge for to pass We went down as far as Tyn-y-Cwm Mr. Williams got
out of the Tram at Tyn-y-Cwm - there is a public house at Tyn y Cwm, the
house is kept by Henry Charles I dont know what they call the House, there was
plenty of people come along the Road and sometimes before and sometimes
behind the Tram, those persons had Guns and spears some had got light
I did not see no Lanthorns, some had got Candles, there was many
persons at Tyn y Cwm when we came there, they had Guns and Spears
- I did see one man with a mandrel, When we came to Tyn y Cwm
Mr. Williams got out of the Tram I did not see what he did do there
I did see him walking about there
^ I stopped there an hour or two, it was light when we started, I know
a place called Ty-du it is about 3 1/2 miles from Newport I saw Mr Williams there, I did not see him doing any thing then but order the
Men along
, he did tell them walk along two and two on the full Road
I mean where the Trams do come down full - the left hand side
coming down there is more than one road, there is two roads, the full
Trams come down one Road and the empty Trams go up the other road The
Men did as they were ordered the men were armed when I saw them
then, they got spears and Guns they did fire, I did hear them at Tyn-y-
- I know Sir Charles Morgan's Park, the Tram Road goes through
the Park, I did stop in the Park I saw many persons there, I ban't
sure I did see Mr Williams there, I went with my Tram as far as

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