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the Waterloo Machine, I dont know a Machine called the Court y Bella
, the Machine I call the Waterloo Machine is the nearest Machine
to Newport Mr. Morgan keeps that Machine I work for my Master on that
Road I drive my Master's Tram on that Road When I come this side of the
I was forced to leave the Tram I take the Horse down here to the
- I put the Horse up at a Stable above the Salutation I did stop
looking about there - Whilst I was looking about there, I did see Mr. Williams
there turning back along the Turnpike Road, he was turning back from
towards the Town here he did come from, he was going up towards the
he was going towards the Machine - I am quite sure that was
the same Mr Williams that I saw in my Master's house, and that came
down with me in the Tram I have seen him since I have been in the
room that is him the Prisoner there is a difference in his look now and then
he do look a good deal worser now than he did then I did hear firing
in Newport before then that was before I saw Mr. Williams coming back
I saw other persons coming back I saw other persons coming back
from Newport besides Mr. Williams, I can't say how many I saw I
saw a good many coming back I saw a hundred I dont know was
it 200 or no they had Guns and Spears it was between 11 and 12
o'clock when I saw them coming back I should think it was not
long after I heard the firing I worked for my Master 3 months or more
My home is in Dorsetshire My Master trusts me with his Horses on
the Road. I drive sometimes 4 and sometimes 5 I understood the
question put to me by the Magistrates when he asked me if I understood
the meaning of an Oath I answered truly when I told him that I do not
understand the meaning of an Oath I understood the Magistrate when he
asked me if I believed there was such a place as Heaven and Hell and when
I said that if I swore a lie I was to go to Hell - When I kissed the book I
understood I was bound to tell the truth.
_____________The mark x of Henry Smith

James James Sworn Saith - I am a Miner I live at Coal Brook Vale
near Mr Brewer's New Works I know Zephaniah Williams, he lives
at the Royal Oak Coal Brook Vale Works, I was at the Royal Oak
on Saturday the 3rd November instant, I was there in the morning between


[in l. margin]
Z. Williams
Royal Oak
Coal Brook Vale



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