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10 and 11 I saw Zephaniah Williams in the room there was many other
persons in the room besides Zephaniah Williams nothing passed between me
and Zephaniah Williams I was in the room more than from ten minutes
to a quarter of an hour, I went to the Royal Oak again that day
it was past three o'clock in the afternoon, I saw the Prisoner then
there was a Man speaking there then I don't know who he
was, he was a stranger to me, the Prisoner was in the room when
he was speaking - That Man said we must meet on the Mountain
at 6 o'clock in the Evening - The prisoner said after him in Welsh
that we was to meet on the Mountain at 6 o'clock, he said
we much bring Bread and Cheese with us and said that we
should want some victuals before we came back - He said
that we should hear when we were going to the Mountain what
we was to do at the Mountain - he told us to bring something
in our hands but he did not tell what, he did not say what we
were to bring these things in our hands for, I went to the
in consequence of what he told us - The Man that was there
speaking before Mr. Williams said that we must go or that we should
be in danger - It was in consequence of what the Man said, I went
to the Mountain - When I got to the Mountain, I cannot say who
I did see, there was a great many people there , it was so dark
and rained shocking, the people I saw on the Mountain had
things in their hands some had sticks, one or two Guns, I don't
know how much was there it was so dark they did keep their
sticks up, I can't say - I did not see Zephaniah Williams there
I can't say particular how long I staid on the Mountain it may an
hour and a half or two hours - When we left the Mountain we went
down to the Road down to the Tram Road, I saw Zephaniah
after we got down to the Tram Road, after we walked down
a bit when we went down by the new Works the Victoria, We did stop
by the Gate there was a Man talking to the Prisoner, he asked him what
was we going down for, the Prisoner said there was no danger going
down, the Man asked him first whether they was going down to be
kilt, the Prisoner said No, I hope that there is no danger that
we be going down to be kil't - I can't say particular that those
Men had anything in their hands, perhaps nothing but sticks the Men

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Met on mountain

saw Z William's on Tram



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