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I can't write - I don't remember going to the Prisoner's house with Wm.
about a list, no Sir William Davies was not with me, I went
to the Prisoners house, with some Cards eleven the boys did give me
I saw the Prisoner then, I asked him and I did tell him that I
am bring the Cards in - I did not give the Cards to the Prisoner
he was busy, he did tell me to go to his son Llewellin , I did go
to his son Llewellin, he was in the Kitchen and we went into the
long room, I don't know indeed how old Llewellin is, about 15 or some
thing like that, I don't know when I went into the long room with
Llewellin he did take the Cards and pull the names from the Cards
and put them on this Paper I saw Llewellin Williams write what is on
this Paper, I told Llewellin Williams for what purpose I brought the
Cards, I told Llewellin Williams the Prisoner did send me to him, I
told the Prisoner when I first went to him what I wanted, I did tell
him that I did bring the Cards up here says I, when I did tell
Llewellin that his father did send me to him he said very well
come to the long room and William Jenkins was along with him, I
gave Llewellin Williams eleven Cards, I gave the Cards and this paper
to William Jenkins who was along with me, my number upon this
list is 89 - We was all working together, then as is on the Paper, but
one, and that is John Davis - We were working in the same Level
together only but one, I had attended a Meeting at the Prisoners
house before this list was made out, I had heard told about making
the list before that we ought to do it, I had heard it told at the
Prisoner house at the Meeting I did hear what the lists were to be
made out for, one of the eleven the eleventh was to go to the other 10
to get their subscription in every month - I did not at any Meeting
before the 3d. November hear any thing said about bringing in the
Cards, I did not know anything about any other Cards except what
he did bring in himself, I did meet some of the Parties named in
this list at the Prisoner's after the list was made out there was 10
of us that worked together in the same level, John Davis was the one
that did not Work with us the Line over and under William Davies
name is this list is because he was going round to us to have our
Subscription - We did call William Davies by any other name than
William Davis, William Yer Hen wen we did some times call him

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